Biology and Zoology seniors must complete the 0-credit BI 498 Biology Major Field Test course in order to graduate. Please see the questions and answers below for more information.

What does it count for? Students who register for and complete the CANVAS assignments in BI 498 by the Friday or week 6 will pass the course and meet that graduation requirements regardless of  performance. The BI 498 assignments are used to evaluate what undergraduates learned and engaged in during their undergraduate career in Integrative Biology and OSU. 

Why does this matter? Pooled results from BI 498 will be used to assess the Biology and Zoology learning outcomes, as well as broader program challenges, areas of excellence and opportunities for development. Your feedback matters!

When do I complete BI 498? The exam is only offered during the regular academic year (fall, winter and spring terms). Summer graduates must register for BI 498 the spring term before their final summer term. All other students register for BI 498 in their final term at OSU. Students must complete the BI 498 assignments by the Friday of week 6 of the term they are registered.