Please use this link to access the most comprehensive and up-to-date information about OSU’s COVID-19 Safety & Success plan. 

Cordley Hall  Cordley will be open 6 am to 6 pm Monday through Friday for summer term.  The west half of Cordley Hall is closed for construction.  The Cordley building manager is Doug Warrick.  Contact: email:, phone: (541) 737-3705. 

IB Main Office: The IB main office, 3029 Cordley Hall, will usually be open M-F, 9 am - 5 pm during summer term. To make an appointment, please contact Tara Bevandich (  Starting September 7, the office will be open M-F, 8 am - 5 pm.

Communication:  All students, staff, and employees are encouraged to communicate any questions or concerns to any of the department's COVID points of contact  (POCs). If confidentiality is of concern, then please contact Tara Bevandich ( who will forward an anonymous email to the POCs. Contact information for Primary Unit COVID POC: Dee Denver ( and Secondary Unit COVID POC: Virginia Weis ( 

Travel: All OSU business related travel REQUIRES prior approval. Please click here for general travel restrictions and information. Click here for access to the required forms. 

Undergraduate Students: 

  • Most BI, Z, and IB courses are Remote or Ecampus. Delivery format can be found in the Schedule of Classes, listed under “Attribute Description.” 

  • Jen Olarra ( is the COS COVID Care Ambassador, trained to support a student through resource referral and consulting with the Student Care Team. Support and coordinated care will be provided for students who are directly impacted by COVID-19. 

  • We *encourage* students to reach out if they're struggling for some reason or have issues. We know that sometimes contacting professors and advisors can be difficult or intimidating but it is very helpful for the instructor, who will be able to assist by helping students find resources or simply providing flexibility in deadlines. Many instructors are greatly appreciative when students reach out and trust them enough to share that they're having problems. 

  • Meeting and study spaces on campus are available by reservation.  Click here for more information:                      

Health:  All members of the IB community should take care to self-assess their health status on a daily basis. Information about self-screening assessments and symptom reporting is given here:  ( 

Shipping, mailing and receiving: All packages are being routed to Chem Stores (154 Gilbert Hall).  Please continue to use the 3029 Cordley Hall mailing address when ordering.  Once your package has been received, you will be notified by Chem Stores that it has arrived and is available for pick up.  You can either go to Chem Stores M-F 8-4:30 to pick up or wait for the office staff to pick up (2x/week) and transport it to the Cordley mail/copy room. If your package is picked up by IB staff, you will be sent an email letting you know it is available for pick up at 3028 Cordley Hall. Please try to pick up packages from either location in a timely manner as space is limited.  When ordering, please fill out this form and send to Chem Stores.     

Lab coats: Clean lab coats can be obtained from the lab coat room Cord 1024.  Dirty coats can be placed in the laundry bag inside the door.  Clean coats are dropped off and dirty are picked up every two weeks.