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To record code used in statistics or bioinformatics, start with a space, then open nowiki tags, paste your code, and close nowiki tags:

 <nowiki>Enter your code here< /nowiki>

Except without the space in the

< /nowiki>

This will produce:

Enter your code here


Use <tab> to easily copy-paste tables from Excel into your notes. e.g.

<tab class=wikitable head=top>
header1	header2
data1	data2
data3	data4
header1 header2
data1 data2
data3 data4


# and * and make ordered and unordered lists respectively.

#First step
#Second step
#Last step


  1. First step
  2. Second step
  3. Last step


embedding images (e.g. gel or microscopy images) in your notebook is simpler than ever.

  1. Edit the notes page where you want to insert the picture
  2. Click the "Select files" icon (arrow)
  3. Click "Upload file"
  4. Click "Insert as image"

These steps will upload the file and insert the following code in your page:


To modify the width, you can adjust this code e.g.