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Created by EliMeyer at 09:50 on Mar 12, 2016

The short version:

  1. This wiki is customized for use as a shared lab notebook, with features that impose a certain structure on the pages. The system ensures that your notes are automatically categorized by project, user, and date, making it really easy to locate and share information from our lab notebooks.
  2. To use the wiki, users have to create an account, log in and change the password, then have your account approved by a user with admin rights.
  3. Users create projects (using the Create Project link on the sidebar) or join them (Join Project link on each project's page).
  4. Users create Notes within the appropriate Project to record their research activities, or add to existing Notes as appropriate. Multiple users can contribute to the same note and each contribution will be logged separately.
  5. Throughout the process, you'll be presented with a Mediawiki Edit page. You will see code. If you prefer not to interact with the code, scroll down to the bottom and click "Save page". Or make your edits directly in this window.
  6. Log your research activities in any format you like within the space provided. This will be simplest if you use the section edit links on the Read tab (at the top of the window).

The longer version:

This wiki has been customized to serve as a shared lab notebook for our research group. It has a few custom features that impose structure on your records (e.g. automatically generated page names and adding categories), but within your own notes you are free to use whatever format you like. Generally, the best way to interact with these features is to click the button or link (e.g. Create project), and when you encounter the Edit Page screen, click save. You can then edit each section from the edit links on the page view.

  1. Account
    • If you don't have one, make an account. Please use your first and last name as your username e.g. EliMeyer. Your username is visible so make sure to capitalize it as you'd like it displayed.
    • You will recieve an email with a randomly generated password, and need to first log in using that password then change it to something more secure.
    • A user with admin rights will need to approve your account before you can make an edits.
    • Always log in using this account when using the wiki, to make sure your activities are assigned to your notebook.
  2. Notebook
    • If you dont have one, make a notebook using the "Create notebook" link on the left. Your notebook will be empty when initially created.
    • Notebooks automatically include any documents (with Category:Notes) you create or edit. You don't need to (and should not) edit your notebook, instead record your activity in notes and they automatically appear in your notebook.
  3. Projects
    • Project pages contain all research activities on a single project -- this will include multiple users and datasets. Anyone who records activity on the project page will be added to the categories (shown at bottom of page).
    • If your project isn't already listed under Projects on the left, create your project using the "Create project" link.
    • If your project already exists, click the project name to view or edit notes on that project. If you are working on this project, and your name is not listed in People, you should add yourself to the project by clicking "Join Project".
  4. Notes
    • Notes are where you record daily research activities -- almost all your interactions with the wiki will be at this level. To record notes about a project, go to that project page.
    • If no notes are shown for today's date, click "Create note". This creates a new Note named for today's date as a sub-page of the corresponding project, and opens an edit window for that Note.
    • If today's date is already listed, click that link under Notes, then "Add to this note" to add a new section to the log. In either case, once you have the edit window open you can record today's activities in any form you like.
    • To avoid breaking automatic features e.g. time stamps, please confine your edits to the region indicated in the template.

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