composite photo of headshots of Sulochana Wasala, Molly Burke and Caroline Glidden

Virginia Weis, Integrative Biology Department Head, presented awards at our virtual spring departmental meeting.

Sulochana Wasala received the Paul and Mary Roberts Fellowship, which recognizes academic excellence in graduate studies related to evolutionary biology. Paul Roberts, Professor Emeritus of Zoology and his wife, Mary, have generously endowed this fellowship that is presented annually. Sulochana is an evolutionary geneticist who has excelled in research, teaching, mentoring and outreach during her PhD studies in IB. Her research focus is plant-parasitic nematode species and populations.

Molly Burke received the Castor canadensis Award for Faculty/Staff for her service to IB. In the words of one of her nominators, “Molly is a co-chair of the new IB Incubator Committee.  She took the lead with spearheading the new Graduate Recruitment Event, with goals of increasing community visibility, improving admissions and acceptance, and with a long-term goal of improving our graduate recruitment practices towards a more holistic approach.” The inaugural recruiting event in February was an overwhelming success that brought together faculty, current grad students, and 16 prospective graduate students.

The Castor canadensis Award for Graduate Students went to Caroline Glidden in recognition of her outstanding service to IB. Caroline helped co-organize our mentorship workshop during fall term, which brought together about 35 faculty members and graduate students.

Thank you for your exceptional service, and congratulations to each of you!