Rhea Hanselmann
Postdoctoral Scholar

My research interests lie in the interplay between human, animal, and environmental health. In my dissertation work, I combine my background in veterinary medicine and epidemiology with my more recent training in disease ecology to examine: 1) how human-induced environmental disturbance affects the dynamics of diseases harbored in wildlife populations; 2) which host physiologic mechanisms drive these patterns; and 3) how changes in disease patterns can influence the health and welfare of humans and other animals sharing the same habitat. Specifically, I examine the link between intensive forest management effects on wild rodent immunity and the presence of infectious diseases in these animals. I seek to apply the knowledge gained with this research to global questions concerning wildlife health and conservation, while also contributing to the education of future scientists and veterinarians by involving undergraduate and veterinary students in my research.


Office Room Number: 3029 Cordley Hall, OSU, Corvallis OR 97331