Each year the IB Graduate Student Association (IBGSA) organizes a fun filled and educational openhouse to showcase the amazing science and education taking place in the department.   It's a great opportunity to come witness and ask questions about the research and teaching that our unit acccomplishes.

Maybe you're an alumni and want to learn about what your alma mater has been up to since you graduated or wish to reconnect with your past professors? Or maybe you're a friend or parent of a budding young scientist?  or maybe you're an interested member of the Corvallis community -- not matter your background, age or expertise, come join us, we are excited to show you why we love what we do so much!

The openhouse this year will take place during OSU's Spring Family Weekend (Sunday, May 7th).   The openhouse is suited for curious people of all ages.  Details are still being worked out for this year's openhouse, but we'll be sure to post links to them here as they become avaiable.